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  • About NexRep

    NexRep is a call center that has been providing industry leading service since 2009. We leverage one of the fastest growing groups of contractors in America – home based agents – and are changing the face of the teleservices industry. Companies who need to have their phone calls answered, but do not want to manage their own call center, choose NexRep to provide great agents.

    The team at NexRep is always looking for talented agents. Whether you are new to the call center industry, or a seasoned sales veteran, we want to hear from you. It doesn't matter where you live – you can make your own schedule and earn great money while you provide services from the comfort of your own home.

    This is an excellent at-home opportunity for entrepreneurs, business professionals, stay-at-home moms and dads, retirees, and students.

  • Benefits of Being an Agent

    If the idea of earning a great living, setting your own schedule, and providing services from the comfort of your own home sounds good to you, you're not alone. Agents all over the country - who are tired of long commutes, rigid companies, and other frustrations of traditional jobs - are joining the work-at-home movement.

    • NexRep agents can generate a great income; many average about $15 per hour, with some agents exceeding $25 per hour. Different call types (described below in the "Opportunities Available" section) do pay differently; as you might imagine, the more difficult calls often pay more. But no matter what call type is right for you, if you're willing to put in the effort and focus, a great career is within your reach. In recent years we understand times have been difficult for many people, so unlike some other companies, we will not exclude you due to a credit report.

    • NexRep agents pick their own schedule; if calls are available, you choose when you want to provide services. Taking a short break, picking up your kids from school, or any of the other concerns of daily life are yours to address as you choose.

    • Since you'll be providing services from home, your commute is the few steps from your bedroom to your computer. The average American commutes about 50 miles per day, gets 24 mpg, and pays about $3.60 per gallon of gas. That's about $1,900 per year, or $160 per month, in your pocket with NexRep.

    • Finally, many other at-home opportunities are intimidating and difficult to navigate, where you may be just a number in a sea of other agents. At NexRep we provide the support, access, and certification you need to make sure you can reach your full potential.

  • Opportunities Available

    All of the call handling that NexRep needs is provided by independent contractors. There are some key differences between a contractor relationship and an employment relationship. For example, you will direct your own services, provide your own equipment, and be responsible for withholding your own taxes. Millions of Americans provide services as independent contractors, but to get a complete understanding of what that may mean for you, we encourage you to seek out your own sources of advice.

    Currently, NexRep does not allow agents to take calls on more than one of the opportunities below. Therefore, as you move through the contractor screening process, we will attempt to match your strengths and interest with the best option.


    Our highest paying call type is a great place to join the NexRep team. But, let’s address the elephant in the room: the outbound telemarketing people are used to is no fun, and has a poor reputation. NexRep knew it had to create a different and better experience for its agents.

    First of all, NexRep does not cold call. We only call customers who have an existing relationship with our clients, and have expressed a real interest in the product. You will contact consumers who called to order a product just minutes earlier, but decided not to buy. By offering a better price, you'll help them get the product they wanted. We are also serious about following recent changes to telemarketing laws, so you can feel good about your work.

    How do you know the NexRep approach to outbound works? The majority of NexRep agents are Outbound Sales agents, and we have gotten unsolicited feedback like this:

    "Thank you. I am enjoying myself here, so many of the ladies I speak to are just so sweet. It is fantastic to have such great support and certification from you. I heard several times that this is a great company to work with and I agree wholeheartedly."

    - Karina S, NexRep Outbound Agent

    Biggest Current Need!
    Average Pay
    Sales Skills
    Customer Service Skill
    Technical Skill


    This is a Customer Support role that focuses on helping customers solve their technology challenges. You will help callers solve problems they're having using consumer electronics devices, via phone or email. If the problem cannot be solved, you might help the caller process a repair or return. Agents must be extremely knowledgeable, and be able to problem solve without step by step instructions, so a degree of tech saavy is necessary.

    Current Need
    Average Pay
    Sales Skills
    Customer Service Skill
    Technical Skill


    Our second Customer Support role focuses on helping customers schedule new appointments, or make appointment changes. For some companies you will answer phone calls for their appointment setting phone number, and help a customer schedule their time. In other cases, you will call back customers who have specifically asked to be called back on a website. Evenings and weekends are often the busiest times for Appointment Setting calls.

    Current Need
    Average Pay
    Sales Skills
    Customer Service Skill
    Technical Skill


    Inbound Sales is another area where you can demonstrate your sales ability and generate a great income. Here you’ll answer calls when customers dial an 800 # listed in mail, newspaper, radio, or television. Most of the time callers know the price of the product when they call in, which include beauty products, health supplements, and a wide range of other items.

    Current Need
    Average Pay
    Sales Skills
    Customer Service Skill
    Technical Skill

  • Requirements

    Requirements needed to become an agent:

    The legal ability to provide services within the United States, residency within the United States, and no criminal record
    A Windows based computer, with the ability to read Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PDF documents
    A printer
    High-speed Internet (minimum of 250 kpbs) that is not provided by satellite
    Your computer must be plugged directly into your router; it may not use wireless
    A USB, noise-cancelling headset
    Access to a landline or cell phone, but only during initial certification. When you provide services as an agent you will use your computer and will not need a phone.
    A quiet area, free of distraction, to provide services
  • What to Expect When Starting

    The first step to start providing services to NexRep is to fill out the online application form found here. Your form is typically reviewed within one week, and you will receive an email indicating whether or not there may be an opportunity for you with NexRep.

    If you move forward we will then schedule a short phone assessment, where you will speak with a NexRep representative. These assessments are brief conversations where we will ask some questions about your previous experience. We will schedule a specific time with you so that you do not need to wait by the phone.

    If you are accepted after the assessment, NexRep will perform a background check. You will cover the cost of the background check, which is $25, though you will not be asked to do so until you have already successfully completed an evaluation form and assessment. This is the only cost NexRep charges.

    After passing the background check contractors are assigned to a certification class. Here you will learn how to operate the NexRep system, and get the information needed for your call type. At NexRep, certification is provided by a real person over the internet at no cost to you. Certification groups are small, meaning you will have the opportunity to ask questions, and be well prepared for your first call.

  • Qualities of a Successful Agent

    NexRep's most successful, existing agents exhibit the following qualities:

    • Professional - As a contractor you are the leader of your own business. Successful businesses act professionally by showing dedication, preparedness, and respect.

    • Money Motivated - Many NexRep opportunities are sales opportunities. The desire to see financial success can be useful in building a career around sales.

    • Hard Working - NexRep opportunities require skill and momentum to achieve the high standards demanded by NexRep's clients. Most successful agents provide more than 15 hours per week in order to develop and maintain their skill.

    • Self Directed - Those who value freedom and flexibility in their work, and are comfortable without constant supervision, often have the best experience at NexRep.

    • Positive - Whether in sales or customer service, all call types can produce difficult callers from time to time. A positive outlook is helpful to keep moving forward.

    • Punctual - NexRep's clients demand their phone calls be handled quickly and with skill. Agents who provide services and arrive at certification when they say they will are better able to meet these needs.

  • More Information

    If you need additional assistance you may contact Please do not send questions that are already covered by the information on this page. Also, please do not send cover letters, resumes, etc. to this address; you may begin the evaluation process with the form found here.

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If you need additional assistance, you may contact

Please do not send questions that are already covered on the What is a NexRep Agent? page. Also, please do not send cover letters, resumes, etc. to this address