Are you looking for work-from-home opportunity that allows time flexibility, growth, and the autonomy to be your own boss? Are you friendly, outgoing, and passionate about being the best at what you do? If you are, join hundreds of other independent contractor sales and tech support professionals at NexRep who are providing excellent customer service on behalf of our clients through inbound calls, outbound calls, or email.

  • Why NexRep is the best home for your work-from-home business

    The list of companies deploying workers from home is growing, and more business professionals are abandoning their long commutes, rigid work rules and cramped cubicles. Why is NexRep the best choice for your home-based business?

    • NexRep independent agents can generate a nice business income; many agents generate the equivalent of $15 per hour while the best agents are exceeding the equivalent of $25 per hour.

    • NexRep agents have the freedom to choose their schedule and availability. Working from home without the requirement of an 8-hour “shift”, NexRep agents can balance business, home and family. The most successful independent agents realize that their business success is tied to when customers are calling or available, so they choose to provide services when customers need them most.

    • You are in control of your business success. Agents who choose to invest in their business by taking advantage of certification and applying their experience to the call type they’ve chosen can positively impact their business income. NexRep agents can grow their business income by applying the experience and skills they gain and optimizing their business hours, instead of waiting for that 3% annual increase from their employer.

    • Unlike other companies that provide work-from-home opportunities, you will not just be a number in a report. From your initial phone assessment through certification to live calls and chats, NexRep’s experienced, professional staff provides the personalized support that will enable your business to reach its full potential.

    • At NexRep, you’ll be an independent contractor, not an employee. There are many advantages to this, not the least of which is the ability for you to choose when you will provide services. See the next tab to learn about more benefits of working from home as an independent contractor.

  • Advantages of working from home

    NexRep Independent Contractors enjoy three distinct advantages:

    • Be your own boss. You decide when to work and what companies to support
    • Optimize your earning potential – you are not capped by an employee salary
    • Work from home or wherever you please; take your business with you when you move
    Cost savings
    • Commuting expenses: Savings on gas, insurance and depreciation can be $4,000 or more per year
    • Corporate wardrobe: You can work in your PJs and save $3,000 per year on clothing and dry cleaning
    • Eating out: The average commuter spends about $1,500 more per year vs. lunch at home
    • Certain home office expenses are tax deductible
    • NexRep provides certification, at no cost to you, to get you started
    • NexRep has real people you can contact if you have questions
  • Requirements: what every NexRep Agent must have to get started

    General requirements:

    The legal ability to provide services within the United States
    Residency within the United States
    Ability to pass a national criminal background check
    A quiet work area free of background noise and distraction during working hours
    Access to a cell phone or landline, only during initial certification

    Computer requirements:

    A Windows or Mac computer with the following:
    • Ability to read Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and .PDF documents
    • Minimum of 1 GB of RAM memory
    • Compatible operating systems:
      • Windows Vista, 7 or 8
      • Mac OS X Lion (Version 10.7), Mountain Lion (Version 10.8) or Mavericks (Version 10.9)
    Noise-cancelling headset connected via wired USB connection (not Bluetooth) to the computer
    High-speed internet
    • Connected to your computer by cable – no WiFi connectivity while providing services
    • Minimum of 250 kpbs
    • Satellite connections not allowed
  • What to Expect When Starting

    Ready to begin the process of becoming a NexRep Agent? Here’s what you can expect.

    1. Application

    • Complete the online application form.
    • If your skills and experience fit NexRep’s needs, you’ll get an email with a link to set up a time for a phone assessment.

    2. Phone Assessment

    • A NexRep Sourcing Specialist will call you to discuss your fit for this business opportunity and to assess your voice quality.
    • If you both agree there is a potential fit, NexRep will send you an invitation to contract with NexRep and sign up for an upcoming certification class.
    • You’ll also get instructions on how to register for and pay for a background check. As an independent contractor, NexRep requires the applicant to pay the $25 background check fee.

    3. New Agent Set Up

    • NexRep will confirm that the background check fee has been paid.
    • NexRep will email you all the documents you need to get set up in the NexRep system, including the Independent Contractor Agreement for your review.
    • You will complete, sign and return these documents to NexRep by mail.
    • Upon receipt, NexRep will set your account up so you have access to NexRep community, phone and payment systems.

    4. Certification

    • You’ll join a certification class on a date of your choosing, led by an experienced facilitator.
    • Classes are small, allowing you the opportunity to ask questions and be prepared for our first call.
    • You’ll learn about the brands and products you’ll be representing, how to log on and use all the NexRep system, and keys to success.

    5. Go Live!

    • That first call can be scary! Don’t worry, you’ll take your first calls while you are still in certification so you won’t be alone.
    • You’ll be paid for all calls you handle during the final steps of the certification process.
  • Qualities of a Successful Agent

    At NexRep, we’ve noticed that the most successful agents have consistently exhibited the following qualities, regardless of call type or client:

    • Professionalism: Our clients listen to calls, and they tell us that they trust their brands and their customers with NexRep independent agents because they hear product knowledge, professional yet friendly tone of voice, and persuasive selling skills. And the bottom line is that they like the results they see!

    • Work ethic: Top NexRep professionals keep up their skills and exceed the high standards demanded by NexRep’s clients by meeting their schedule commitments and opting in to provide services over 25 hours per week to maintain momentum.

    • Self-direction: Successful NexRep agents understand that as an independent contractors, it’s their businesses and they are their own bosses. They value the freedom and flexibility and don’t need constant supervision.

    • Positive attitude: All-star agents understand the “performance” aspect of sales or customer service and they are consistently on-stage when on a call, delivering consistent enthusiasm and energy in their interactions with callers.

    • Money motivation: The best NexRep agents know how to focus on the actions that will optimize their business revenue, whether that is around providing services at the optimal times for making money, studying scripts to gain product knowledge, or mastering their cross-selling or upselling techniques.

  • Still not sure? Need more information?

    Hi, I’m Tim Whipple, head of Agent Sourcing and Community here at NexRep. It’s great that you’ve made it to this point in the NexRep website. As the leader of the LiveOps agent community from 2005 to 2012, I built that agent community from 1,500 agents to over 20,000, and I’m looking forward to repeating that success here at NexRep. I know what it takes to sustain a thriving nationwide community of work-from-home independent contractor agents, and I invite you to affiliate your business with NexRep and join me in building a great agent community that delights NexRep’s clients with outstanding customer service and results.

    I’m hoping that most of your questions were answered right here in these web pages, but if you still have questions, I’d recommend that you go ahead and complete the NexRep Agent Application. Click here to go directly to the application. If your application indicates the possibility for a good fit, we will send you an email to set up a phone call with a NexRep Sourcing Specialist who can answer your questions. You’ll also get a chance to tell the Sourcing Specialist how your background and skills make you the perfect candidate to provide services for NexRep’s clients.

    Still hesitant to start the application process? Let us know your questions or concerns by emailing us at

NexRep offers a variety of business opportunities for you to choose from. Learn more about the different call types and choose the opportunity that best fits your skills, experience and business objectives. When you complete the application, you will have a chance to indicate the opportunity you prefer. Please note that some opportunities may not be certifying new agents at the time of your application.

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